RITA ILHÉUDiretora de Imagem Fotográfica

    SHE was born in Setúbal, and at the age of 3 he asks his parents for a camera. Since then he started to observe animals and nature through the lens.

    In the Brazilian Northeast, where he lived until 2013, he photographed the local flora and fauna, full of wild animals.
    Back in Portugal, he returned to his city where he studied and dreamed of having photography as a profession.
    Today, she is a 3rd year student of the higher education in photography and visual culture at IADE CRIATIVE UNIVERSITY and is still an active member and animator of Tuna Académica.

    She has been a volunteer at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, since 2017, giving support to the CA to elderly people in Mouraria, with activities to retouch the self-image, through photographic reporting and stimulating the personal image of the Support Center users.

    At Quinta Alegre, he also develops a Photojournalism project on the activities of the host houses.
    With this work, he intends to portray the lives of people in some SCML temporary residences, in order to be able to show the resources and conditions existing in these units.

    It considers that few people from civil society are aware of its existence, so its main objective is to be able to disseminate this work, to better understand society the action of temporary and permanent residences, as well as their impact on the lives of users and their families.

    It is his intention to demystify institutionalization, so after completing the research a book with subtitles will be made, as well as an exhibition that will be held at SCML with the support and intervention of IADE CREATIVE.
    She graduated as a summer camp animator and is the author of a Youth Tales Web Page.
    Despite being a young photographer, she is very dedicated and follows the work of photographer Charlie Hamilton James, as one of the examples of rigor and quality, having participated in the year 2018 at the National Geographic Summit, to get to know the work of this photo journalist up close.

    He created a photojournalism album as the final project for the 2018 school year, with a photographic theme about pollution on the beaches, with the title “Costa Pacifica”.

    She is the author of the professional Flickr page Rita Ilheu, where you can see the images of her expedition to Kruger Park in South Africa.