Jaqueline SilvaProfessora , Autora e Empreendedora - Portugal

    Jaqueline considers herself an entrepreneur at heart and a soul writer. He believes that living a normal life outside of social networks is the new luxury.

    She was lucky enough to be fired from a multinational, because of that she wrote a book: Am I Unemployed and Now ?, and without knowing how to star an egg she opened a restaurant that she later sold.

    Along the way he lived in the USA and Spain, moved to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal to learn to meditate and launched an agency for women speakers (www.FemaleSpeakersAgency.com)

    She has a degree from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a Master’s in Management from ISCTE. He is doing a PhD at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and UT Austin in Texas where he is studying the impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship. He teaches Management and Entrepreneurship classes at the University and is certified in Coaching and NLP.
    She was awarded twice by the US Embassy with the Women Entrepreneurs Across the Ocean projects and considered one of the 70 young entrepreneurs in Europe by the German Marshall Fund.

    There is a weekly newsletter on Business, Art, Technology and Philosophy. Writes for Delas – Global Media Group and Thrive by Ariana Huffinghton.

    Vice coordinator of Labest – PIAGET Institute of Almada (https://www.labest.pt/direcao-labest/)

    More information on the website: www.JackieSilva.com