Gabriela CoutinhoApresentação e Moderação

    Gabriela Coutinho, born in Porto, where she currently resides, from an early age showed wide-ranging interests in several areas.

    Businesswoman, Degree in Business Management, with BBA in International Business Admnistration by European University Barcelona.

    Her taste for traveling and her passion for other cultures leads her to seek out different latitudes, between Europe and Africa, where her altruistic capacity in humanitarian actions had a great exponent, also starting in Portugal a long journey in the Portuguese International Red Cross. , later in Mozambique and South Africa, where, at the same time, he continued his professional vocation, further expanding his experience in business relations.

    Multifaceted businesswoman with a passion for international areas where various languages ​​are part of her “curriculum”, returning to Portugal she embraced new professional challenges, creating and developing new business models, allowing the construction of a business bridge between Europe and Africa with connection to triangulation with Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    Consultant and trainer in several areas, namely in the area of ​​international project development, in the areas of Commercial Management, Leadership, Negotiation and Team Management, Personal Development, Coaching, among others.

    And because he always defends that in life “nothing happens by chance”, and that this is nothing more than a fabulous journey, made up of encounters and reunions where we are all invited to build daily relationships and solutions that allow us to believe that everything in this trip is worth worth it. Here I am !

    … .So only in this way will it be possible to give meaning to life during our time in this world.