Dra. Paula MoutaPresidente do Açores WMS

    Born in Lobito / Angola, she considers herself a woman of the world.

    In Portugal, she acts professionally as Director Responsible for the USPE at the Hospital de St Louis Lisbon.
    Develops the public health project in studies and research, on the “Observatory of Peoples’ Health” (OSP), in partnership with LaBest of the Piaget Institute and H.S.L.

    She is an Ambassador member of the European Association of Cancer Research, President of the Board of the European Association of Educational and Preventive Health in Epigenetics (AESEP), an associate member of Aspic, Epigenetic Society, SENMO, AGONAB Brasil, Societé Française de Bianfaisance of Hospital de St Louis and Vice President of the Human Rights Association of Foreigners in Brazil.

    She is Co-Founder of E- Criativa – Office of Creative Economy of the Government of the State of Ceará, created the social project Fundação José Walter, focused on preventive health and was Co-Organizer of the 2014 Football World Cup in participation with the Dep. Human Rights and E-Creative from the State of Ceará in Fortaleza (2012-2014).
    She has already launched two books (Chocolate with Poetry-A History of Passions and Chronicles of Good Living) and serves as a SCML Volunteer in educational health training.