President Paula Mouta

Message from the President

In order to be able to practice “active, preventive and educational health medicine”, a World Health Summit becomes important, where the analysis and collection of these contents can help us to verify, evaluate and define new strategies for changes in health scientific character and social transformation.

Only in this way will we be able to take to everyone a new path of values ​​that truly improve life and the way in which people can develop and adapt to the coming changes in any part of the planet.

When addressing the theme “epigenetics” and its factors of “influence”, this includes everything that is related to the life of societies.
The study by Epigenetica showed us that the “genetic predisposition” can be changed through new mechanisms of food influence and lifestyle.

The “Epigenome” is sensitive and moldable to our environment.

The epigenetic influence acts as a universal antenna that tunes what happens in the external world (food, lifestyle, influencers of various types of pollution, climate change, factors of chemical affect in agriculture and in the quality of drinking water, cultural habits, socio-economic, religious and even in the way in which the emotional and physiological structure of each person and geographic region develops in the current times according to all the technological and geo-political evolution in the world), and communicates these signals to our body, which generates changes in metabolic behavior in DNA expression.

These changes are expressed by physiological and adaptation reactions.

It is important to emphasize that we must focus our vision on knowledge of science and observation in order to make this resource an information practice adjusted to civil society, that is, to the citizen who needs to learn how to practice a lifestyle according to sustainability habits in health and well-being.

We must all work in partnership using the resources of qualified and efficient practices.

Our public health needs us to be committed to this vision and action.

That is why I decided to hold the World Medicines Summit in Lisbon, this beautiful city on the 7 hills (Green Capital of Europe 2020), considered by all to be one of the safest and most beautiful European capitals.

At the Centro Cultural de Belém, on April 16, 17 and 18, 2020, I invited speakers of excellence to this meeting of cultures and science, from Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Cape Verde, England, France, Mainland ,Portugal and the Azores and Madeira Islands.

With special emphasis, at the opening of the event, you will be able to meet Dr. Bernard Fontanille, French doctor, who comes to us with his international program “Medicinas do Mundo”.

On the 18th, the 1st European Forum on Health and Epigenetics stands out, with the celebration of the 14th European Day of Patients’ Rights, with the support of the Hospital de St Louis de Lisboa and the ACN – Active Citizenship Network, with whom we act as members of the European Parliament’s Interest Group on Patients’ Rights and Cross-Border Health Care.

Our agenda also includes 6 musical culture performances, national and international.

Sociological and scientific studies show us that all people use dance and music as a social highlight for each important event in life. These studies consider that this type of actions establishes a link between the members of a society, which generate positive attitudes and the maintenance of physical, emotional and social balance.

I also invite you to participate in our “Workshop” and also to be our meritorious of the “Gala Beneficente” with dinner and ball, aimed at helping the children that the “NGO HELPO” accompanies the world.

It is through the capacity for observation that the human being has developed and evolved over time. That is why it is urgent to bring together all the thoughts and feelings of true union for life, that of Being and that of the Planet.

This World Summit on Health and Epigenetics will give the city of 7 hills (Green Capital of Europe 2020) a universal macro visibility, both in the tourist context, in the context of economic development and the evolution of the city itself at all levels, making it in a true “Health Observatory” and the changes to a healthier, more sustainable and self-preserving planet.

Your questions, your doubts, your knowledge and your interest are really important.
My commitment is to bring you an event of excellence to discuss these issues.

I count on you

Paula Mouta

– The W.M.S. it proposes to develop oratories on the theme and sub themes, debates and presentations of cases, projects and examples considered of value to society.

– Creation of content for the development of Creative and Sustainable Economy.

– Creation of human values development content, Unesco project “5 minutes of Human Values”

– Creation of content for the development of new eating habits as an action to prevent disease and combat malnutrition .

– Creation of development content and incentives for the preservation of nature and species.